Why Is Tire Insurance Important?

Protective cover for tires- Although they are a crucial part of a car, tires endure the most abuse. Various road surfaces abuse tires and bear the total weight of the vehicle and its occupants. However, a typical auto insurance policy does not provide coverage for them by default. Because of this, choosing a tire Insurance is advised.

A solo own-damage or comprehensive auto insurance policy can pay an additional premium to put on a tyre protection plan. This car add-on insurance policy covers tyre repair and replacement costs. It also offers insurance coverage for unintentional loss and tire damage or cutting. Tire protection also includes labour costs incurred for tire replacement or maintenance.

A tire incurs more damage than any other component of your car. Therefore, it’s crucial to have your car’s tires insured, along with car tire air pumps. Additionally, modern car tires are not inexpensive. Therefore, do carry tire pressure gauge for regular checkups.  

The tires on luxury automobiles are also pricey. With car tire insurance coverage, you can prevent unforeseen costs for tire and tube replacement or repair. Continue reading to learn more about auto insurance’s tire coverage.

What Is the Car Insurance Tire Insurance?

Your comprehensive tire insurance policy covers the cost of damage to your car resulting from collisions, natural and artificial disasters, riots, and vandalism. However, this basic insurance policy does not cover the cost of replacing or repairing tires and tubes if the damage does not result from a claimable occurrence.

The following damages to your car’s tires brought on by India’s poor road conditions come under tire insurance:

  • Damage Brought On By Impact Or Bursting
  • A Flattening Due To Abrupt Braking
  • Damage Caused By The Sidewall Of The Tire Bulging

An add-on vehicle tire insurance policy can cover the cost of repair or replacement. You can purchase the insurance with a comprehensive or standalone own-damage car insurance policy. In addition, this extra cover guard against unintentional loss and tire-related cuts and damage. 

Additionally, it pays for labour costs associated with repairing or replacing tires. You can feel very secure when you use a protective tire cover.

You only need to pay a small premium to purchase this add-on cover. As of right now, if you added this add-on protection to the car’s insurance policy and filed a claim for tire damage, it will not affect your eligibility for the No Claim Bonus under the basic policy. However, the No Claim Bonus discount has an effect on the total number of claims.

Insurance for Tire Protection: Exclusions & Inclusions

First, the add-on insurance is only suitable for a maximum of four claims throughout the period of the policy. Therefore, before purchasing the add-on tire protector in auto insurance, you must have a firm grasp of the inclusions and limitations.

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Tire Insurance Included

Cost of Replacing a Broken Tire

The tire on your automobile could face damage for various. In these circumstances, the replacement can be the best option. As a result, the level of coverage you choose should be the same as the cost of replacing the damaged tire.

Labour Expenses

Labour costs will receive the incursion to remove the damaged tire and install the new one. The insurance provider will pay your labour expenses for refitting, removing, rebalancing the wheel, etc., if you have car tire insurance coverage.

Unintentional Tire and Tube Loss and Damage

Accident-related tire damage might involve cutting, crushing, bursting, or bulging. Therefore, purchasing comprehensive coverage and tire damage insurance protection makes sense.

Tire Insurance Exclusions

  • Costs Of Quick Tire Repairs And Puncture Services
  • Faulty Manufacturing
  • Damage Sustained Both During Storage And During Transportation Owing To Overloading
  • Repair Expenses Incurred As A Result Of Rally Or Race Participation
  • Claims Involving The Theft Or Destruction Of Tires And Tubes

Who Ought To Purchase Tire Insurance?

  • People who commute in their cars must ensure their tires feature decent shielding.
  • This is protection for your car if you reside in a mountainous location.
  • People who enjoy driving their vehicles and going on excursions in mountainous places must ensure reasonable care of their tires. 
  • Any tire repair expenses incurred from competing in a race or rally does not fall under the insurance.
  • The Tire Protection Add-On Cover does not cover the claim resulting from theft, vandalism, or damage to a tube or tire.

Bottom Line

The tire is one of the most crucial components of any vehicle. While moving over the piercingly hot roadways, the tires support the weight of the car and its occupants. Due to this, the car’s tires will inevitably suffer some wear and tear. 

People very rarely include tires in a typical auto insurance policy. For this reason, choosing a tire Insurance in your auto insurance policy is usually advisable.

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