4 Secrets to a Successful Retail Package Design

With so many products on the market, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. In fact, the packaging is one of the most crucial components in a marketing campaign. We’ve put together some top tips for creating a successful retail package design — and we’ll even show you how we did it with our own product!

1. How to Keep Your Product Safe and Secure

2. How to Design a custom retail packaging That Attracts Customers

3. Using Experimental Packaging Techniques That Get Noticed

4. Tips to Make Your Product Stand Out from the Crowd

 1. How to Keep Your Product Safe and Secure

 When you’re shipping a product, you want to make sure that it’s safe and secure. While the methods of shipping and packaging will vary depending on where you’re sending your product and how fragile it is, there are some basic steps you can take to make sure it arrives in good condition: 

1) Wrap the product in bubble wrap. The natural decay of the wrap means it’ll eventually get peeled off, so make sure it stays intact.

2) Choose a sturdy container—pack for the long haul. Having the right container (what’s called its “portability score” in the guidelines) makes your shipping effortless stressful as you can ship it anywhere and have it arrive in perfect condition. 

3) Choose appropriate accessories. Choose small, lightweight versions of the box, tape, plastic elements, and other accessories that will minimize the bulge upon arrival. 

4) Consider sizing. Retailers use this as a review element to gauge consumer interest in a product, but just taking a guess based on how much a customer is likely to purchase can lead to disappointment. Rather than guess, know your potential customer’s physical dimensions, weight, and buying power to help you choose appropriate shipping containers and accessories.

 Adding the address of the retailer is optional. However, having this address on the outer box helps direct the customer’s attention to this element. Placing it on the inner box helps the customer leaving the store to learn about its location.

 Shopping cart icons add information to the shipping information page for each product. While they are not required elements, by choosing icons that offer additional page views, customers can learn more about your products.

 People always ask about policies and how to avoid shipping Counterfeit or unauthorized merchandise. Shipping Counterfeit or unauthorized merchandise is an unfortunate reality for online retailers. Shipping meaningful merchandise from one location to another often means that some of it will be ineligible for the tax stamps and other benefits offered by the destination state.

2. How to Design a Retail Package That Attracts Customers

1. Use Bright Colors. 

2. Use Clear Typography. 

3. Use a Clear Visual Language. 

4. Use a Clear Brand Identity. 

5. Use Brand Names. 

6. Use a Clear Call To Action. 

7. Use Visual Hierarchy. 

8. Use a Clear Message. 

9. Use Contrast. 

10. Use Contrasting Colors. 

11. Use Contrasting Typography. 

12. Use Contrasting Images. 

13. Use a Clear Background. 

14. Use Contrasty Colors. 

15. Use Serif/Sans Serif Fonts. 

16. Use Contrast Images. 

17. Use Confusing Graphics. 

18. Use Basic Contrasts. 

19. Combination of Pictures and Words. 

20. Avoid Cluttered Spaces. 

21. Avoid Headings/Paragraphs. 

22. Avoid Jumping Text. 

23. Avoid Writing Ancillary Text. 

24. Avoid Unneeded Words. 

25. Never Use Blanks for Arrows. 

26. Never Use Blank Pages. 

27. Never Use Separate Main Pages for Multiple Products. 

28. Never Use Unnecessary Words. 

29. Avoid Spreading Capital Letters. 

30. Avoid Using Special Characters. 

31. Avoid Writing Long Sentences. 

32. Avoid Forbes and Other In-Depth Articles. 

33. Never Put More Than Six Products On A Page. 

34. Never Leave A Blank On A Product Page. 

35. Never Write Ads That Do Not Encourage You To Buy. 

36. Never Use Long Check Boxes. 

37. Never Write Infographics, Themes, Designs, Etc. 

38. Never Write Bad Copy For Conversion. 

39. Never Write Bad Press Releases. 

40. Never Make False Statements On A PPC Campaign. 

41. Yes, I am Lying To You. 

42. Never Write Unsellable Content For A Conversion. 

43. Never Invite Customers For An Interview. 

44. Never Write a Bad Review. 

45. Never Mislead Prospects With Overbearing Promises. 

46. Never Say Something That Doesn’t Add Value. 

47. Never Invite Customers To Demo A Product. 

48. Never Write Microsites For Your Products. 

49. Never Trademark Products with Illustrations or Logo. 

50. Never Write Infringing Copyrights. 

51. Never Use Hidden Keywords For Congrats And Shove Away. 

52. Never Use an Embedded Video Player. 

53. Never Tag Unique Products with Irrelevant Descriptions. 

54. Never Insert Discrepancies in Your Promos. 

55. Never Create Memes or Phrases That Mock the Target to Gain More Sales.

3. Using Experimental Packaging Techniques That Get Noticed

In a world where so much stuff is being sold, it’s really important to grab the attention of your customers. If your packaging doesn’t stand out from the crowd, your sales could suffer. To stand out from the crowd, you need to use experimental packaging techniques that help to catch the eye. 

It’s also helpful to create your packages with transparency in mind — exposing your products flawlessly so that your customer can see everything. This allows shoppers to visualize exactly what they’re buying, and it prevents them from trying to figure out what you’re putting in your product. If you don’t have a large enough budget to set up a large exhibit to showcase your products on a large scale, there are some tips on how to set up an eye-catching online display. Read on for universal principles to help focus packaging flows around common elements that are important to savvy visitors. 

1. Simple, clear labels are all the rage. (Especially for fresh foods that are typically exposed to optimum amounts of light.) Read More: World Record-Keeping Jewelry Boxes — inspiration, tips & a bonus jewelry box with real-world examples

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4. How to Use Eye-Tracking and Tracking Annotation Systems to Engage a New Generation. (This study offers unique insights into how to micro-communicate with your target market — from a pain-free royal experience.)

5. Etsy Is Killing It with Stunning Art and Design with Piece Me. (It’s repeat-worthy simply because the posts are a visual feast.) 

4. Tips to Make Your Product Stand Out from the Crowd

When you’re starting out, it’s important to differentiate your product from the rest of the competition. Here are some things you can do to make your product stand out from the crowd: 

1) Make your product easy to use. 

2) Make your product affordable. 

3) Make your product fun to use.

4) Use white space effectively. 

5) Be strategic with color.

Although today we have ubiquitous eCommerce sites offering enormous web access at low prices, not everyone is striving to sell their products at rock bottom prices. What Eddie did was place a significant portion of his inventory on his home-based Web site. This made them easy to find, and although they were not his best-selling item, he sold thousands of them.

Not all retail product websites have featured product pictures, large product photography, excessive white space, or other design elements that make it seem like the product is more eternally important than it actually is. 

The best site for your product is simply one that provides the basics and develops the customer into an expert so that he, like your expert, can recommend others.


 Packaging is an essential part of any business, and it can be the difference between a product succeeding or failing. As such, it’s important to make sure your packaging design reflects your brand and sells itself. If you want to take advantage of our expertise and get the custom retail packaging for your products.

You can get the best custom retail packaging boxes from custom printed cartons supplier at wholesale rate. If you want your product to stand out from the crowd. You have to think outside the box. When it comes to packaging. Some of these techniques may seem unusual, but they work! 

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