In London, dining out is never dull. The restaurant sector in the city offers a diverse tapestry of flavours and cuisines. London’s restaurants are varied, inventive, and constantly absorbing, from the long-standing, family-run neighbourhood Thai eatery to the Michelin-starred grandee where you can sit at a counter and watch master chefs at work.

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It’s a true honour to be taken care of at a restaurant. As we savour our freshly prepared pasta with a glass of natural wine or our spicily spiced curry with a refreshing beer, it’s simple to forget about the people who prepare our food and provide our service. With our ranking of the Best Restaurants, we want to recognise and spotlight the capital’s hospitality sector.

The locations we frequently return to are listed on it. Old favourites like St. John, known for its consistently delicious roast bone marrow and parsley salad, and new haunts like Planque, a refuge for wine enthusiasts with a constantly-evolving French culinary menu, are among our favourites.

It is worth noting that London has a diverse culinary scene, and you can find many other great restaurants offering different cuisines and styles of food. It is always a good idea to check online reviews, ask locals, and explore different neighbourhoods to find a restaurant that meets your expectations.

Every restaurant on our list serves you excellent food you won’t soon forget, whether it’s a place with communal outdoor tables where you eat a taco. At the same time, salsa drips down your arm or a chic fine-dining establishment for a four-course evening. Here is a guide to dining in the nation’s capital in 2023. 

Let us tuck right in!

Here are some of the best restaurants in London for different cuisines:

  • Chinese: The Duck & Rice
  • French: L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon
  • Indian: Gymkhana
  • Italian: Trullo
  • Japanese: Sushi Tetsu
  • Mexican: Casa Pastor
  • Thai: Som Saa
  • Steak: Hawksmoor
  • Seafood: Wright Brothers
  • Mediterranean: Ottolenghi
  • Spanish: Barrafina
  • Korean: Kym’s
  • Lebanese: Beirut Express
  • African: Ikoyi
  • Turkish: Oklava
  • Persian: Berenjak
  • Vegetarian/Vegan: Rovi –
  • Ethiopian: Dukem –
  • Vietnamese: Cây Tre Soho 
  • Malaysian: Rasa Sayang 
  • Brazilian: Cabana 
  • Peruvian: Andina 
  • Polish: Polska 
  • Middle Eastern: The Palomar
  • Korean BBQ: Gaesoju
  • Greek: Mazi
  • Hungarian: Gundel
  • Argentinean: El Parador
  • Australian: Bellanger
  • Dutch: Biblio
  • Caribbean: Negril
  • Argentinean: Asado
  • Australian: The Meat & Wine Co

Again, these are just a few examples, and there are many other great restaurants in London for different cuisines.


From Heathrow to Hackney, Borough to Brixton, Notting Hill to East Ham, London is a capital city of landmarks and neighbourhoods, immigrant cuisines and stratification—of time-honoured traditions and world-class innovations as of venture capital and family businesses. Red buses, black cabs, and old buildings can be seen throughout the city.

It is simpler to eat poorly in this city than to eat well: it is tough to know where to begin and where to go; it is critical to understand what to try and where to obtain it. This book will help readers avoid tourist traps and go beyond the conventional understanding of what is considered ” best ” to comprehend and navigate a place entirely.

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