Make Your Home Feel Safer with These Two Devices

Home safety and protection is a decision that is non-negotiable, but what is negotiable is how to implement security measures in the home. You could go with the most basic methods of wired fences and motion sensor alarms on entry points, or have panic buttons installed and floodlights and surveillance cameras for your massive backyards.

One thing, however, safety does not only involve protection from criminals or trespassers. It is a general term that also includes the overall well-being of the household and the people living within it. So there’s more to it than we generally think. That is why we think these two devices would be ideal for making any home a safe space, both security-wise and safe environment-wise.

Here’s a quick glimpse of what Google Nest Doorbell and Google Nest Protect offer to their users. Let’s dive in!

1. Google Nest Doorbell

A smart doorbell is exactly what you need in order to maintain the security of your home. And though it may sound just like an ordinary doorbell, the difference is quite evident. Take the nest hello doorbell for instance – a prime example to really show you how smart doorbells are really better than ordinary ones.

Google’s Nest Doorbell comes as a sleek device, easily installable whether it is the wired variant or the battery one. What’s one of the device’s top features, that sets it aside from any other doorbell for that matter, is the fact that the Nest Doorbell can be answered from our smartphones – and from wherever we are!

That’s right, the device connects to the home Wi-Fi network, and through the Google Home app, you can answer the door anytime the bell rings – because you receive instant alerts straight to your smartphones. You don’t even have to let anybody know you’re not home.

Other features the Nest Doorbell include is HD quality live video, which as you already know is accessible from your smartphones, but what you don’t know is that it’s around-the-clock live video – not just when you answer the door. Serves as a sort of surveillance cam for the front of your home.

And similarly not only does the device let you speak and hear when you answer the door, but at any given point of the day. So if you were to pull up the video to watch what’s going on at your front door, you can also listen in – and if need be scare someone off too.

An additional feature that helps out quite a lot is facial detection. Normally the Nest Doorbell would send an alert to your smartphone even if there is any movement detected, but with a subscription to Google Nest Aware, the device can filter out between people you may know and strangers.

2. Google Nest Protect

You may think this is a sponsored article by Google, but it really isn’t. We can’t deny Google’s outdone itself with the Nest range of smart devices, hence another device that we would suggest that you should consider installing in your homes is the Nest Protect; a smart smoke detector that is way better than your ordinary one in over ten ways.

The Nest Protect is available in 2 variants: battery and wired too. But we’d recommend the wired one solely because the devices are interconnected – however, both variants include the same features. Here’s what you can expect from the device, and why we added it to the list of devices that can make your home safer.

Most smoke detectors cannot essentially detect gas leaks like that of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide as you may know is an invisible, poisonous gas that is lethal for humans and animals alike. And you would usually require a separate detector for it altogether. However, Nest Protect can detect anything from smoldering to fast-burning fires, and even carbon monoxide leaks.

Where you would have to decide what type of smoke detector you should be installed in specific parts of your home, you can just install the Nest Protect and let it do the job of multiple devices.

Other than the fact that the Nest Protect can detect pretty much any sort of hazard in a home – thanks to its Split-Spectrum Sensor, its greatest feature is that the device can connect to your smartphone through its mobile app. That means it can update homeowners in real-time so that if needed, quick action can be taken – and that also means it’s easier to turn off any false alarms.

Are They Worth the Investment?

Let’s be honest, these two devices don’t come cheap. The Nest Protect is priced at $119, and the Nest Doorbell ranges from $180 to $230 depending on which one you buy – wired or battery. Nonetheless, the reason why we say that they are an investment is that these devices will last you a good decade, something that ordinary ones do not guarantee because their lifespan is comparatively less.

You can find them at Head on over and get them for your home today!

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